Maggie Cassidy


Maggie Cassidy is the editor of the Valley News, an award-winning daily newspaper and website serving 46 towns in Vermont and New Hampshire. She joined the Valley News as a news reporter in January 2012 and became the paper’s first web editor in October 2015. She took the helm in December 2018.

Maggie’s wide-ranging reporting career, started in 2005, has taken her from Fenway Park to one of the country’s smallest post offices; from crime scenes and courtrooms to the skies over Vermont. She can write bright, telling the tale of chicken diapers, or dig deep, unearthing a police report on an officer-involved bar fight after the department deleted it. She’s waded into rivers and run through forests to get the story, and strives to score the interview.

As web editor, Maggie directed, including breaking news, video, multimedia and social media, using a quality-driven approach to double editorial page views in a three-year period. In 2017, she co-launched UV INDEX, a Valley News micro-site geared toward young digital readers.

Maggie has a deep appreciation for newsrooms, from working full-time internships in the big (The Boston Globe) and the tiny (The Molokai Dispatch) and spending much of her childhood hanging around her local newspaper in Framingham, Mass., where her dad was an editor.

Maggie lives in White River Junction with her husband and their two rabbits, Flip-Flop and Peanut.

Maggie Cassidy


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