Video & multimedia

Shot by Carly Geraci. Edited by Maggie Cassidy.

Shot by James M. Patterson. Edited by Maggie Cassidy.

Shot by James M. Patterson. Edited by Maggie Cassidy.

Hanover bears timeline

On May 23, 2017, New Hampshire wildlife officials announced a plan to euthanize a mother bear and three cubs following increasingly brazen behavior in Hanover neighborhoods near Dartmouth College.

This timeline put the decision, which provoked public outcry, into context by tracking several events before the announcement, including months of warnings for residents to secure bear attractants. As events continued to unfold, ultimately leading to the governor’s intervention, the timeline helped readers follow the developments. Click here to view.

Valley Visualized

The Valley News published the Valley Almanac in August 2016 as a handy guide to the 46 towns in the Upper Valley region of Vermont in New Hampshire. In addition to essential information about each towns such as public meeting times and names of town officials, it also included comparative statistics about the towns, which I used to build a variety of interactive charts called “Valley Visualized.” Click here to view.

Elections 2016 & 2020

As web editor in 2016, I oversaw our breaking online coverage of local races and ballot questions on election night — and managed a running tally of how our 46 towns voted in the gubernatorial, U.S. Senate and presidential races, as well. As editor in 2020, I oversaw expanded tallies that additionally included results from the Vermont and New Hampshire Statehouses.

First Baptist church consumed by fire

I oversaw breaking-news coverage of the most significant fire in the Upper Valley in at least five years: a three-alarm fire that gutted the First Baptist Church in downtown Lebanon, which was toned out about 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 29, 2016, too late to get much more than a photo in the print edition. This included an overnight effort to coordinate with reporters and a photographer at the scene and editors working remotely; editing copy; launching breaking news posts on our website, social media and email newsletter for our readers; and editing and posting video that a reporter shot at the fire, among other tasks. In the final two days of calendar year 2016, it became our most-read story of the year.

We continued breaking-news coverage over the next days, weeks and months, including the arrest of an alleged arsonist, the dismantling of the church’s remains and the congregation’s ongoing efforts to rebuild.